Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ostra's Creations is now open!!!!

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't been around much and neglected my blog.

I haven't been around because I've been working around the clock to finish financial forecasts, target set, set up the website, as well has study and look after my four Angels. Did I say Angels? I mean little tykes, lol.  So had no time to give my blog some TLC.

I had a little break away in a log cabin a week before the Easter holidays, just to try and relax my mind a little before opening Ostra's Creations. I took my work so I could get done what I needed, but the Internet connection was rubbish so hand my hands tied, that was annoying I felt like going home due to not being able to work, I even forgot to take my crafts and felt really creative whilst there. It was a lovely holiday even if I couldn't work. Had a lovely message whilst meditating:

  "Your dreams can become reality but you must believe they can happen. What you believe is what you believe, you can't change it. So start believing. You need to take time for you, no-one else, but you haven't thought straight for a while now, you haven't had a break. Just lately you've lost apart of you, made decisions in a way you don't quite understand. Stop listen to your inner self as often this tells you the answer, but you being stubborn, you never listen, calm down and listen. The answer is always there. You could do with taking time to listen and relax as you can hear. We know you can! You've learnt so much and can be intelligent so start showing it. Beauty within is more important than the beauty on the outside" 

Just what I needed, because I've felt deflated recently. I saw lots of little white fluffy feather in the strangest of places. Also in a picture I took of the trees (love trees, a tree hugger) there was a blue glow at the bottom of the picture. So there was most definitely a presence around me. Now I know I need to make a little more time for my spiritual side.

So when I did come home I had a week to get website done, finish target setting and a few other things ready for the 7th April, my business open day. I worked around the clock as I hate being late for anything. I managed to complete my mission, thankfully.

So I opened Ostra's Creations yesterday and was expecting to feel different, and I don't. I feel the same just more tired and busy, lol.

Looking forward to the future!!

Thank you for reading.

Here's my new website take a look around.

Mellissa xx