Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ostra's Creations is now open!!!!

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't been around much and neglected my blog.

I haven't been around because I've been working around the clock to finish financial forecasts, target set, set up the website, as well has study and look after my four Angels. Did I say Angels? I mean little tykes, lol.  So had no time to give my blog some TLC.

I had a little break away in a log cabin a week before the Easter holidays, just to try and relax my mind a little before opening Ostra's Creations. I took my work so I could get done what I needed, but the Internet connection was rubbish so hand my hands tied, that was annoying I felt like going home due to not being able to work, I even forgot to take my crafts and felt really creative whilst there. It was a lovely holiday even if I couldn't work. Had a lovely message whilst meditating:

  "Your dreams can become reality but you must believe they can happen. What you believe is what you believe, you can't change it. So start believing. You need to take time for you, no-one else, but you haven't thought straight for a while now, you haven't had a break. Just lately you've lost apart of you, made decisions in a way you don't quite understand. Stop listen to your inner self as often this tells you the answer, but you being stubborn, you never listen, calm down and listen. The answer is always there. You could do with taking time to listen and relax as you can hear. We know you can! You've learnt so much and can be intelligent so start showing it. Beauty within is more important than the beauty on the outside" 

Just what I needed, because I've felt deflated recently. I saw lots of little white fluffy feather in the strangest of places. Also in a picture I took of the trees (love trees, a tree hugger) there was a blue glow at the bottom of the picture. So there was most definitely a presence around me. Now I know I need to make a little more time for my spiritual side.

So when I did come home I had a week to get website done, finish target setting and a few other things ready for the 7th April, my business open day. I worked around the clock as I hate being late for anything. I managed to complete my mission, thankfully.

So I opened Ostra's Creations yesterday and was expecting to feel different, and I don't. I feel the same just more tired and busy, lol.

Looking forward to the future!!

Thank you for reading.

Here's my new website take a look around.

Mellissa xx

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Face Painting

I attended a Face painting group at a local children's centre 2 and half years ago. I had a go at face painting in the past and was awful. My lines and blending was dreadful! I really enjoyed the course and have been painting ever since.

My children are actually fed up of being painted now, I say to the older one's "It's my time to get you back for drawing on my walls when you were babies" They really wasn't impressed with that comment as you can imagine, lol. But they do let me paint them, dear of them!

Just like any craft face painting is really relaxing and fun. I class it as a therapy!! Here's some piccies hope you enjoy!

 You shouldn't paint under 3's but this is my baby so it's different lol.
 Oh my, bad painting, but fun walking down the road with my children trick or treating like this.
 Lovely Christmas one.
 Shark, all children love the face painting using the mouth. Dinosaur is a good one for this.
 I love how this one turned out. My Daughter loved it!
 I really enjoyed painting this one. Devil/Skeleton.
 Half Spiderman. My Son really looks happy, lol.

Tiger on myself. It's very hard to paint yourself, but when you have no-pne to paint then you have no choice, lol..

Thank you for stopping by xx

Monday, 27 February 2012

5k Cancer Research Run.

Hey everyone,

Hope everyones been ok and had a fab weekend.

I just signed myself up to do another Cancer Research Run, can't wait!

I did a 10k one in 2009 whilst 12 weeks pregnant and I was moving house the week after. I have to be kept busy at all times, I'm sure I do stuff in my sleep. Well anyway, I raised £19, and £5 of that was a sponsor from me, I know I'm nuts, lol.

This time I would like to dress up in something fun, but not too heavy as I have a bad back and funny hip. Any ideas?

I forgot to add why I'm doing the run... My step Mum, Grandad and Nan all lost the battle, but I'm not just doing it for them, I'm doing it for everyone that is fighting or has lost the battle to Cancer.

If you would like to sponsor me I would be sooo greatful.

Thank you everyone. x

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Where did 'Ostra' come from?

Ostra come to me through meditation. Spirituality is very important to me, and all forms of it too.

I was meditating to meet my spirit guide. I did my usual grounding and protecting as this is very important with any healing, meditation, readings, leaving the house and so on. I then went into meditated state (clear the mind etc) I went down this track in some woods, beautiful woods with bluebells it was too stunning for words. I then heard Ostara, never saw anything just heard that, that's ok with any new guide they may take their time to be seen as they want to make sure your ready.

I came out of my meditation, and wrote it all in my journal, everything goes in my journal! I then looked up Ostara posted a thread about my  meditation on a spiritual forum I'm on. I found out Ostara -  'Oestra' is the spring enquinox and it's one of the Wiccan sabbats. So when I work with this guide in the future it's most likely she/he was wiccan. So that's why I chose the name Ostra.

Mellissa x

This weeks makes :)

I thought I would add this weeks makes.. They are all wire related, I'm loving working with wire! Although my poor hands and nails would tell you a different story, need to put some gel on my nails to protect them, as wire loves to attack them, lol. Oh well never mind a few chipped nails are well worth it. So here goes.......
 Blue and silver plated wire, with turquoise veined jasper crystal.
 Olive and silver plated wire, with a black rose.
 This is a gift for my friends Daughter, she is 13 Saturday, just her card to make now :) and Reiki charge her pendant. I love making things for people for their special days, to much more meaning and thought goes into it - Olive and silver plated wire with fluorite crystals chips.
 Silver plated wire and tiara band with priscosa beads.

I haven't managed to make much this week due to my beautiful children being on their school holidays. This following week I think I need to get my college work done, but creating is much more fun, lol. Note to self - Pull your finger out more!!! I really can't wait till I creating full time!!

Thank you for taking time to have a look at my blog.

Mellissa x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Todays makes!

Hi again everyone... I'm here again.

I thought I would add two wire makes for today. I have never made anything with wire until Monday. I've used wire for tiara's but nothing else. To be fair I love the stuff! Still need to practise, but like everything you have to work at it to be any good.

So here goes my first two piccies....

 I used pink wire (need some new colours) I don't like the pink! Silver plated wire and flourite crystal chips. I want to try different shapes other than a circle. I'm a tree hugger and love trees, so when I saw this on the net I had to give it a go.
I used silver plated wire and blue glass beads for this ring. I'm unsure about this ring. I made it for a friends birthday tomorrow, she loves the colour blue..... I hope she likes it.

Thank you for stopping by! x

Blog virgin!!

Awww this is scary !!.... Never wrote a Blog before, so please be gentle with me until I get my brain around it, lol...

Right where do I start? Well as you can see this is my first ever blog and not sure what to type, so we'll see what pops into my head ay? Feel for you all, lol.

I love all things creative, I'm currently trying out wire wrapped jewellery, aww and all  I can say is I love it! Never knew how many things you could do with a little piece of wire, even when I go to bed I'm thinking what I can make the next day. I don't know how to switch my brain off that's my problem, lol. I have made soaps, bath salts, greeting cards, tiara's, and obviously jewellery.

I don't sell my creations, I give them to friends and family as gifts, I find it so much nicer to have something handmade, not sure if they feel the same. But I don't care, lol. I can't keep everything I make, can I?

Hopefully by May I will be setting up a small business selling my creations, and face painting, may as well earn some pennies for something I love doing. So alot of work ahead of me, with my four angels and finishing my course, but hard work don't kill anyone, does it? As my Mother always says 'you reap what you sow'. I hope she's right, lol.

I have another passion apart from learning, children and crafts and that is..... Spiritual findings, so things like healing crystals, spiritual readings, meditation, wicca, Angels, fairies. I know I may seam wired, lol, but I love it and it's a part of me.

Hope that wasn't too bad for a first post.

Mellissa x