Monday, 27 February 2012

5k Cancer Research Run.

Hey everyone,

Hope everyones been ok and had a fab weekend.

I just signed myself up to do another Cancer Research Run, can't wait!

I did a 10k one in 2009 whilst 12 weeks pregnant and I was moving house the week after. I have to be kept busy at all times, I'm sure I do stuff in my sleep. Well anyway, I raised £19, and £5 of that was a sponsor from me, I know I'm nuts, lol.

This time I would like to dress up in something fun, but not too heavy as I have a bad back and funny hip. Any ideas?

I forgot to add why I'm doing the run... My step Mum, Grandad and Nan all lost the battle, but I'm not just doing it for them, I'm doing it for everyone that is fighting or has lost the battle to Cancer.

If you would like to sponsor me I would be sooo greatful.

Thank you everyone. x


  1. So chuffed, I have managed to raise £17 so far, £5 I sponsored myself, lol..

    Please sponsore me my lovelies, it's for a very good cause, it could be 50p, that would make such a big difference to the people and their families who have to fight this dreadful disease that kills these people and ruins families.

    (((hugs))) xx

  2. Update on Money raised for Cancer Research Run.... Grand total of £50, still a way of but it is amazing such lovely people have sponsored me so far. I feel totally blessed! xx

  3. I am soooo emotional at the minute, it's an happy emotional. Managed to raise a whopping £70 for Cancer Research. A huge thank you to all the Angels that have sponsored me so far, you are truely amazing... xxx