Saturday, 18 February 2012

This weeks makes :)

I thought I would add this weeks makes.. They are all wire related, I'm loving working with wire! Although my poor hands and nails would tell you a different story, need to put some gel on my nails to protect them, as wire loves to attack them, lol. Oh well never mind a few chipped nails are well worth it. So here goes.......
 Blue and silver plated wire, with turquoise veined jasper crystal.
 Olive and silver plated wire, with a black rose.
 This is a gift for my friends Daughter, she is 13 Saturday, just her card to make now :) and Reiki charge her pendant. I love making things for people for their special days, to much more meaning and thought goes into it - Olive and silver plated wire with fluorite crystals chips.
 Silver plated wire and tiara band with priscosa beads.

I haven't managed to make much this week due to my beautiful children being on their school holidays. This following week I think I need to get my college work done, but creating is much more fun, lol. Note to self - Pull your finger out more!!! I really can't wait till I creating full time!!

Thank you for taking time to have a look at my blog.

Mellissa x

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