Saturday, 18 February 2012

Where did 'Ostra' come from?

Ostra come to me through meditation. Spirituality is very important to me, and all forms of it too.

I was meditating to meet my spirit guide. I did my usual grounding and protecting as this is very important with any healing, meditation, readings, leaving the house and so on. I then went into meditated state (clear the mind etc) I went down this track in some woods, beautiful woods with bluebells it was too stunning for words. I then heard Ostara, never saw anything just heard that, that's ok with any new guide they may take their time to be seen as they want to make sure your ready.

I came out of my meditation, and wrote it all in my journal, everything goes in my journal! I then looked up Ostara posted a thread about my  meditation on a spiritual forum I'm on. I found out Ostara -  'Oestra' is the spring enquinox and it's one of the Wiccan sabbats. So when I work with this guide in the future it's most likely she/he was wiccan. So that's why I chose the name Ostra.

Mellissa x


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    Enjoy x

    Ali xx

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  3. Awww dear of you, that was really nice of you. It means alot to have support from people. It's always the ones you least expect it from also. xx

  4. Found your blog via Craft Forum :)
    I like the story of your name. There's a Polish word 'Ostra' and means 'sharp' :)
    Good luck with your blog and crafts! :)

  5. Awwww dear of you... That's interesting, it's nice to know other meanings too. Thank you. xx